The Changing Face of Publishing

When the last page is turned in a book, most readers’ attention closes along with the story.  Readers rarely notice the little logo on the spine or title page that declares the publisher. We all have our favorite authors that we follow with eager loyalty, but few waste a thought on who actually publishes the book. Sure, we might recognize the blocking of Del Rey, the mountain of Tor, or the rooster of Bantam, but readers are won or lost by the way an author’s words jump off the page— not by which publisher prints the words on the page.

Madison Street Publishing was founded on that simple idea—that the story and the author who created it are the most important components of the publishing industry. Publishing companies should work for the authors, not authors for the publishing companies. MSP lives this philosophy by putting our money where our mouth is. MSP’s authors receive the lion’s share of their books’ profits since, after all, the story is their creation.

The face of publishing is changing, and technology now allows books to be produced inexpensively in direct relation to demand. Publishers no longer need great capital to stockpile large runs of printed books, and the growing phenomenon of e-books requires little to no production cost. In these changing times, we believe a small publishing house cultivating a direct relationship with authors and readers can, in fact, be more nimble and effective in launching a new author into a profitable career.

Madison Street Publishing combines experience and entrepreneurial energy in assisting authors to navigate these exciting changes in the publishing world. We want authors to get the most from their stories, both in fans and in finances—and this means embracing those changes. At Madison Street Publishing, we mean it when we say that the story is our bottom line. As a reader you may not recognize our logo, but we’re pretty sure you’ll recognize a good story when you read it.



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